Diapason / October 2023

Origine B2

Any sound wave generates parasitic vibrational phenomena. In practice, it is easy to see that such glass, such trinket, such wall enter into vibration by “sympathy”. In the bass, apart from a solid acoustic treatment, not much to do. At frequencies where the sensitivity of the ear is at its maximum, the French Neodio offers the Origine B2, successor of the B1, a true acoustic purifier. The appearance is that of a stainless steel cylinder with a movable head that collects and dissipates disturbances. Its designer Stéphane Even explains: “The degradation of sound quality is due to the presence of water molecules in the environment. All these molecules are interconnected and form a network with collective behavior. “The role of Origine B2 is to absorb these phenomena by positioning themselves at different key places in the system.

The listening

The Origine B2 can be used as supports or simply placed with the head against the surface to be treated. Starting from 4 B2, we place one at the top of each speaker, then one on the hood of our integrated amplifier and another on that of our CD player. Possible variants: in support of mains strip, on the hi-fi cabinet or at the foot of the speakers. It’s up to everyone to experiment. On the speakers, the mid-treble area seemed more fluid, more intelligible, as if freed from this compression effect that reminds us that we listen to speakers. The timbres seemed more refined, the dynamics more assertive. The addition of the other two resulted in a cumulative effect, decreasing the colorations and opening up the spectrum. The contribution of these Origine B2 is anything but trivial. Trying them at home should be enough to convince yourself.

Musical contribution: ******
Interest: *****

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