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for perfect reproduction

We have identified why the sound from your HiFi system is not satisfactory!


Occasionally, the sound produced by a Hi-Fi system offers moments of pure grace: our favourite artists are with us in the room, with all the atmosphere of a live concert. The realism seems total as if the limitations of the equipment were somehow erased by magic. However, more often than not, there is something slightly artificial about Hi-Fi sound, even from a top-of-the-range system, that prevents us from really “connecting” to the music in question.

For nearly 20 years, in my profession of designer and manufacturer, I was confronted by phenomena that simply could not be explained by conventional technical knowledge. Sound quality seemed to depend on hidden parameters, or insignificant details that should not have had any effect (cables, supports, the time of day, weather etc.). It presented a random character. In the early 2000s, I became convinced that it was necessary to understand whatever was causing these phenomena in order to make a major leap in quality. After years of research and hundreds of experiments, I finally identified what was behind these peculiar experiences.

We live in a world of invisible forms of interference that while literally inaudible in themselves can significantly affect all sound reproduction systems. By understanding the nature of the problem, new innovative solutions can be created. Rationality can be restored! Step by step, I have developed technical solutions that free High Fidelity systems from these constraints and enable them to function as they should.

“Dear music lovers, if you are curious and if this presentation has echoed your own experience, we invite you to discover our solutions.” Stéphane Even

With the Origine S2, music lovers have access to sound reproduction at the highest level.” Pierre Fontaine, Vumètre

“The music is reproduced in all its refinement and its dynamic amplitude. Admirable!” Thierry Soveaux, Diapason

The music is reproduced with all its texture and vitality. It’s quite a shock!” Philippe Venturini, Classica

since 2002

Nearly 40 awards

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Diapason - mai 2020

Neodio est une entreprise française qui marie excellence tech-nique avec exigence musicale. Cette marque, qui est l’œuvre de Stéphane Even depuis 2002, propose une solution complète .

Diapason - novembre 2019

Cet intégré magnifique, très puriste dans sa conception, met à contribution une nouvelle formule d'amplification, utilisant seulement deux étages, sans contre-réaction.

Neodio, écosystème audio incluant électroniques et câbles

Le lecteur CD Origine de Neodio divise les audiophiles depuis longtemps. D’un côté, il y a ceux qui se demandent ce qui justifie un prix si élevé pour un lecteur composé d’un seul coffret, ...