Integrated amplifier

The Minimalist Amplifier

For those who want the best and want it to last.


Progress can have different faces. On the one hand, there is triumphant technology, with products that are increasingly complex and constantly being upgraded and replaced. On the other, there is a more rational form of consumption, that is mindful of natural resources and sustainability.

The TMA integrated amplifier is the first electronic product in our Blue Program. In line with my personal values, I’m now offering products that are still very high-end, but that are more affordable and even more long-lasting.

In developing the TMA, every effort has been made to ensure that the product has the maximum possible life span. It comes with a 10-year guarantee to the first owner, and I’ve designed it to be easy to repair and, if necessary, upgraded in the future. The TMA is a product designed to stand the test of time.

To achieve this, I simplified everything that could be simplified and went back to the essence of what an amplifier should be: a machine that is faithful to the music and capable of satisfying its owner for many years. It has no remote control or display. Just a switch, a source selector and a volume control. This minimalist approach allows us to focus on design quality, build quality and sound performance.

The quality of the design is based on 20 years’ experience in the development of amplifiers, digital sources, cables and accessories. It took three years to develop this product, from the initial idea to the production of the first series. Behind the apparent simplicity of the TMA lie numerous essential electronic, mechanical and wiring components.

To ensure high-quality manufacturing, our French and European subcontractors are chosen for the care they take in their work. The mechanical parts, electronic board, assembly and packaging are all produced/carried out in France. The transformer is made in Spain.

The TMA’s sound performance is underpinned by its generous 2x80W power output, capable of driving the vast majority of speakers on the market. It offers exceptional performance with high-end speakers that are above its price range. The TMA gives the impression of a very low level of distortion with respect for the real dynamics. The sound reproduction seems so pure and free of the veiling that often distinguishes real sound from recorded sound, that you will want to turn up the volume! The TMA is highly transparent, a consequence of its compact design and very wide bandwidth (1Hz to 400KHz). It has a very high level of definition across the entire spectrum, capable of bringing out the tiniest details of a sound recording, the spatial positioning of sound sources and reverberation noise. I’ve put all my expertise and experience into this device to achieve the least noticeable sound signature.

Electronic configuration

The TMA uses a classic 3-stage architecture with high negative feedback. Negative feedback is a highly effective technique, provided attention is paid to the practical details of its implementation. It took me three years to achieve the result I was hoping for. A dynamic, controlled sound, typical of negative feedback, but without the stiffness and unnaturalness often associated with this technique.

The output is provided by special audio MOS transistors with a high current capacity (16A). The supply to the driver stages is separate from the power supply and incorporates shunt regulation. Great care has been taken to avoid electro-magnetic coupling. The components used were chosen following extensive listening tests and based on experience gained with our CD players. The TMA also features overload and short-circuit protection that protects both the amplifier and the loudspeakers.

TMA – The Minimalist Amplifier

The amplifier for those who want the best and want it to last.


The TMA doesn’t overdo it; it gets it just right. The power supply uses a low-noise, low-loss 300VA toroidal transformer followed by several rectifier bridges and capacitive filtering totalling 44,000uF, which is very comfortable for a 2X80W amplifier. It only uses Vishay 105°C capacitors. The chassis is mechanically welded for rigidity, with a non-conductive 6mm PMMA rear panel. This provides mechanical decoupling and reduces electrical coupling between the various connectors (mains – speakers – inputs). The chassis rests on 3 machined Delrin feet, another important detail. The two rotary knobs are machined from solid aluminium. On the scales, the TMA weighs in at a respectable but not outrageous 14 kg. The layout of the printed circuit board is deliberately “spaced out” to make it easy to read and repair in the future. An experienced technician, even without the electronic diagram, should be able to repair this amplifier in 30 years’ time.

Cabling and connectors

We have chosen components that guarantee the best sound quality and durability:

  • RCA inputs with high-quality gold-plated insulated plugs
  • nickel-plated speaker sockets with high current capacity and low mass
  • loudspeaker wiring using the new Neodio Fractal 8 wire (8 insulated copper strands twisted in a pseudo-random fashion and covered with cotton)

 4 900,00 TTC

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Mains power supply

120V, 230V


2x80W /8 ohms with current protection








445 x 390 x 130mm excluding volume knob


10 years on first purchase, 3 years on resale

This amplifier is sold without a mains cable, as you probably already have one. if this is not the case, our different power cables are ideal partners for the TMA.


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