Mains powerstrip

La Barette PW2

As its name suggests, PW2 succeeds PW1, which remained in our catalog for 17 years from 2006 to 2023. We have kept many technical aspects of PW1 by integrating the results of our research work on Origine B2. We have also designed 2 machined Delrin parts which have several functions: firmly secure the captive 2.5m cable via a cable gland, improve mechanical rigidity, decouple the Barrette from the ground. It remains stable even with heavy power cords.


Evolution of the 2006 bestseller

A restored dynamic

Compared to classic plastic bars, PW2 provides the feeling of the removal of a veil, with a rediscovered dynamic. This results in an absence of stress on the Fortes, a perfect tonal balance without emphasis or lack in the mid-treble registers. More than ever, La Barrette PW2 will be the foundation, the first link in your HiFi system.

 790,00 TTC


Free delivery in France


6x Schucko plugs, Robust nickel-plated Schuko plug


cable 2,5m, 3×4mm2 rubber insulated


Specific Neodio mechanism, no electrical filtering


Aluminium, Delrin


450 x 120 x 90mm


10 years