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Fractal 8-P

The Fractal 8-P power cable uses an innovative technique specific to Neodio.  It appeals to a new generation of wires. Each of them consists of 8 isolated strands assembled in pairs by an iterative process. The goal is to create an irregular structure to dissipate the vibrational energy that flows between equipments. This is only the third generation of wires at Neodio in 18 years, a sign that we are taking our time to improve our creations. This new generation of conductors is also implemented in our TMA amplifier.

All Fractal cables are assembled by hand by highly qualified technicians. One F8-P cable requires more than 40 manual operations.

Fractal 8-P

Fruits of a research that continues since 2006


First generation of conductors LS1, LS2, Libra


Second generation of conductors Origine L0, L20


Third generation of conductors Fractal

Universal power cable

In terms of sound reproduction, the Fractal 8-P gives a feeling of fullness and ease. It brings out a huge amount of micro-information in a natural way, releasing the energy of the device to which it is connected. The latter seems to have more authority, with a feeling of absence of stress.

It can be used on an amplifier, a source or even a computer or any other digital product. It does not have any filtering incorporated that could reduce the dynamics or “colour” the sound. The Fractal8-P is part of a complete ecosystem (mains, modulation, speaker cables).

 700,00 TTC




Schuko / IEC


2,5mm2 pure copper



Max current



Plastic sleeve, Polyester braided sleeving

Options to order

Other lengths


10 years

Fractal 8-P

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