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Neodio au salon de Munich 2018

Roy Gregory – The Audio Beat

Neodio has always produced astonishingly impressive results from their outwardly simple four-box systems, and this year was no different. Making your own, extremely capable cables and supports certainly helps, but even so, the results generated by the Origine S2 CD player, A2 amplifier (recently reduced to €15,000 each) and a pair of Kelinac KEL 914MG speakers (€8000/pair) was wildly out of proportion with the overall cost of the system — and in a different value universe to the rest of the systems in Munich. Agile, articulate, musically communicative and with an innately natural sense of spatial and temporal proportion, this almost affordable setup shone a stark light on the disjointed, flattened and bleached-out efforts of so many of the most expensive systems on show. The sensitivity, elongation and poise of Batiashvili’s achingly beautiful opening line hung, fragile yet emotionally powerful in the air, an object lesson in just what a high-end audio system can and should achieve. To do so from such stylish and modestly priced components (at least in the context of this show) keeps Neodio at the absolute forefront of CD replay and system performance — irrespective of price. In a world where genuine bargains are so rare that they are treated with suspicion, Neodio’s Origine S2 CD player is the most musically compelling bargain I’ve come across, a status it has maintained and now reinforced with its recent significant price reduction.

Haute Fidélité

Kelinac et Neodio : magnifique écoute des Kelinac 914 MG de 94 dB pour un budget de 8 000 euros. Insaturable, dotée de 4 voies permettant à chaque haut-parleur de jouer sans distorsion : rapidité, légèreté et dynamique sant ses maîtres mots. D’autant que le Neodio Origine S2 s’accordait à merveille avec ses 2 x 150 W et ses MOS en sortie, 2 étages sans CR, accompagné du lecteur intégré Origine S2, primé au RMAF de Denver. Un nouvel ampli MQA plus abordable dérivé du A2 est en préparation. Sans oublier la nouvelle gamme de câbles Neodio : Origine 150, secteur et L20 HP.

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