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Origine P5

The Origine P5 cable reduces the parasite vibrations and high frequency interference that circulate in electric power lines and affect all Hi-Fi systems. This cable reduces the interference emitted by the equipment itself due to innovative technology inspired by the Origine B1 anti-vibration support.  The Origine P5 uses specific conductors, which are made in such a way and with a geometry that give it a capacity to absorb the vibrational energy which circulates in electric cables.

Diapason HiFi 2016
Choc Classica

Origine P5

A revolutionary power cable

Universal power cable

Its inclusion in any Hi-Fi system will have an immediate effect: the dynamics are improved, the bandwidth is extended at both ends of the spectrum, and the stereo image is better-focused and higher. Furthermore, the Origine P5 does not have any filtering incorporated that could reduce the dynamics or “colour” the sound. It can be used on an amplifier, a source or even a computer or any other digital product. The Origine P5 is part of a complete ecosystem (mains, modulation, speaker cables).

Diapason HiFi 2016
Choc Classica

 660,00 TTC


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Grey nylon braid

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3 years

Origine P5

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Classica P5Neodio

Classica – Décembre 2017

Stéphane Even propose un câble secteur dont la conception repose sur la chasse aux vibrations. II faut signaler que, depuis novembre, le fabricant français a reconsidéré son mode de distribution (...)
Diapason Neodio P5

Diapason – Décembre 2016

Ce cordon secteur reprend les principes technologiques des supports Origine B1 (Diapason d’or 2015). Il s’agit d’éliminer les phénomènes vibratoires siégeant dans les très hautes fréquences (...)