Modulation cable

Origine I3

The Origine I3 cable reduces the parasite vibrations and high frequency interference that circulate in electric power lines and affect all Hi-Fi systems. For the ground conductor, it uses the same strand as the Origine P5 power cable. Its unusual configuration includes a ground connection with a large cross-section combined with small cross-section signal conductor. Even though it is not shielded, this cable is particularly resilient to low-frequency magnetic fields.

Diapason HiFi 2017

Origine I3

The silent interconnect cable

Remarkable transparency

The Origin I3 presents great transparency with no emphasis on a particular part of the spectrum. It is capable of bringing out the micro- information present in the music. It comes with RCA connectors that do not compromise the cable’s sound performance. These were selected after numerous tests that took into account not only sound quality but also mechanical durability. This interconnect can be used to with all types of product in analogue connections. Origine I3 is part of a complete ecosystem (mains, modulation, speaker cables).

 600,00 TTC


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Parasitic capacitance



Grey nylon braid, Stainless steel laser-engraved sleeve

Options to order

Other lengths, XLR connectors


3 years

Origine I3

Seen in the press

Neodio Origine i3Neodio

Diapason – Décembre 2017

L’Origine I3, offrant une sonorité extrêmement pure et limpide, entend limiter les vibrations parasites et les perturbations haute fréquence qui affectent les systèmes hi-fi (...)