Anti-vibration support

Origine B1

The fruit of 14 years of research into High-Fidelity anomalies, the ORIGINE B1 is a revolutionary accessory. It acts wherever there are vibrations and electricity. It operates like a “black hole”, absorbing and dissipating parasitic vibrations. Its patented Zero Vibration technology significantly increases the sound quality of any Hi-Fi or Home Cinema systems, from the most modest to the most sophisticated.

Diapason HiFi 2015
Choc Classica
Référence Haute Fidélité
Remarquable Vumètre

Origine B1

Experience your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system as you have never heard it before!

Neodio Origine B1

With ORIGINE B1, you will hear:

  • A “broadband” effect that enhances timbre over the entire spectrum without a marked tonal signature
  • A more faithful dynamic rendering of the sound, characterized by a better definition of micro-information and an absence of saturation on loud notes
  • A sound image that extends substantially beyond the framework of the speakers, giving the impression that the musicians are in the room.

With ORIGINE B1, you will experience:

  • The sensation of reconnecting with the essence of a recording
  • The pleasure of sound quality that focuses on the music rather than analysis of the sound

A scalable solution

You can start with three supports, and then progress to a complete treatment under each element. You will then be approaching your Hi-FI system’s optimal performance, within the limits of the acoustics of your listening space. In the case of a limited number of supports, the ORIGINE B1 can also be installed head down on top of equipment in order to dissipate vibrations in the cabinet or chassis from above.

A universal solution

“ORIGINE B1 improves sound quality by being placed under or on any elements of a Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system: speakers, CD or Blu-Ray players, amplifiers, also mains powerstrips and computers. It also improves the video image on Blu-ray players. As such, it is universal and can function in numerous configurations. The best configuration is to install your equipment on three ORIGINE B1 supports. This will ensure that almost all of the parasitic vibrations are absorbed by the supports.

Diapason HiFi 2015
Choc Classica
Référence Haute Fidélité
Remarquable Vumètre

 390,00 532,00 inc. tax (EU prices)


Free delivery in France


Diam. 65mm x Height 32mm


x3, x4

Weight supported

30 kg per support

Threaded hole


M6/M8 adaptor

With, Without


3 years

Online purchase only available within the European Union. For other countries, please contact us.

Origine B1

Seen in the press

Haute Fidélité

Haute Fidélité - Avril 2016

Ces supports anti-vibratoires imaginés et conçus en France par Stéphane Even de la société Seven Audio (à l'origine des produits haut de gamme Neodio) ont suscité grandement notre curiosité.
Vumètre avril 2016

Vumètre - Avril 2016

Avec Origine B1, le constructeur français Neodio propose une solution universelle aux problèmes des microvibrations qui parasitent votre système hi-fi.
Classica n°178

Classica - Novembre 2015

La chasse aux vibrations n’a rien de nouveau dans le monde de la haute-fidélité : qu’elles soient d’origine électrique ou mécanique, on les sait depuis longtemps néfastes à la musique.
Diapason n°641

Diapason - Novembre 2015

Encore un accessoire audiophile dont nous sommes assez friands. Cet objet agit sur les phénomènes vibratoires présents aussi bien dans le coffret des enceintes que dans le lecteur CD, l’amplificateur ou la multiprise.