Integrated Amplifier

Origine A2

This integrated amplifier uses a new amplification architecture, with only two stages and no overall negative feedback: a very low distortion voltage amplifier and a very high capacity current buffer.

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Innovative technology for outstanding musical quality

The ultra-compact amplification circuit is assembled on a 4-layer printed circuit board. The Origine 2 incorporates a high-power supply with a 1000VA transformer combined with a bank of 16 VISHAY 105°C capacitors mounted on a Delrin support. The purpose this combination is to drain the high-frequency vibrations towards the bottom of the chassis rather than the amplification circuits. Zero Vibration technology is included in the Origine A2 through B1 supports and internal cabling. Home Cinema programming is possible for any of the 4 inputs for use as a power amp (maximum gain).

Neodio Origine A2

Origine A2

The ultimate integrated amplifier

input stage

The input stage is based on an operational amplifier with very low noise and high bandwidth. This drives bipolar transistors to create a voltage source without distortion or noise.

output stage

The output stage, with negative feedback, uses a set of bipolar transistors which drive 4 very high capacity MOSFET transistors (16A each).

Référence Haute Fidélité

15 900 inc. tax (EU prices)

Mains power supply



2x150W/8 ohms with current protection


2xRCA, 2xXLR


570 mV

Home Theater Mode

Possible programming of one of the four inputs (max gain)

Remote control

Aluminium and white PMMA remote control with A2 amplifier control


White with 3 modes




460 x 407 x 150mm

Options to order



3 years

Neodio Origine A2