Mains powerstrip


Ever since its launch, the PW1 mains powerstrip has demonstrated exceptional effectiveness and versatility. Its secret lies in its exclusive mechanical filtering technique combined with robust construction.


A best-seller since 2006

A restored dynamic

Compared to a standard plastic mains powerstrip, the PW1 gives the impression that a “blockage” has been eliminated, thereby enabling a more dynamic sound. This is reflected in an absence of stress on loud notes, and a perfect tonal balance with no emphasis or suppression in the mid to high registers. The use of the PW1 powerstrip often has a greater effect than changing an amplifier!

 550,00 TTC

Free delivery in France


6x Schucko plugs, Robust nickel-plated Schuko plug


3×4mm2 rubber insulated


Specific Neodio mechanism, no electrical filtering


Aluminium section


3 years

Online purchase only available within the European Union. For other countries, please contact us.


Seen in the press

Diapason - janvier 2021

A l’opposé de l’approche faisant la part belle au filtrage électrique, la barrette secteur PW1 assume un tout autre choix. Stéphane Even, le concepteur de Neodio, met en avant « sa technique de filtrage (...)